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13 Spooky Filming Locations in Los Angeles with Celeste Peterson

13 Spooky Filming Locations in Los Angeles with Celeste Peterson

The Charmed House c/o The House Designers

If you’re in L.A. but don’t quite feel the chill of Halloween (thanks 90º day in October!), we’d like to help with that! Here’s a list of 13 spooky places within Los Angeles’ city limits which might’ve haunted you from beyond the screen that you can visit for free:

1. Halloween (Hollywood) and Nightmare on Elm Street (Hollywood)

There are four houses in the film Halloween, but let’s stick to the ones where Jamie Lee Curtis was babysitting because that’s where the real horror happened! What is also great is that these two houses are right across the street from one another at 1530 and 1537 N. Orange Grove Avenue… But don’t fall asleep… Nightmare on Elm Street heroine Nancy’s house is super close to the houses from Halloween at 1428 N Genesee Avenue, just two blocks east and just across Sunset Blvd to be exact!

Photo c/o: Wikipedia

2. Drag Me To Hell - House (Echo Park) and Mansion (South LA)

In this Sam Raimi film, poor cursed Christine spent her time in this cute Echo Park house (1031 Everett Street) trying to figure her way out of a gypsy curse. She eventually and desperately went to a medium’s gothic mansion to get some help, which you might recognize as Mount St. Mary College’s beautiful and historic Doheny Mansion at 8 Chester Place. Bonus: Some others things also filmed at the Doheny Mansion: Mad Men, Catch Me If You Can, and Shop Girl. 

Photo c/o: Wikipedia

3. American Horror Story -  Murder House (Country Club Park) & Hotel (Downtown)

The real “Murder House” where AHS Season 1 was filmed is called The Rosenheim Mansion. Located at 1120 Westchester Place, its history is pretty interesting outside the show; it used to be a convent with an adjoining chapel and it had (maybe still has, we can’t be certain) a recording studio! Back in Feb 2016, there was an Airbnb listing for this place, but now that’s gone… for now?

Though the interior of the show’s Season 5 hotel is actually built on a soundstage within Fox Studios, the façade is located at The Oviatt Building at 617 S. Olive Street. If you’re a fan of urban ghost stories you probably know Season 5 was inspired by the real-life hauntings of Hotel Cecil, which is now called “Stay on Main,” but what many people don’t know is that the building right next door, P.E. Lofts, is haunted too! My friend Annie lived there and in her opinion the place was definitely haunted (she had to move out because her floor flooded) and here’s an account of a resident who counted FIVE deaths in the building at the time of this post which has many comments from other residents probably searching the web for WTF is happening in their building. None of the comments say that the place isn’t haunted. This post even states that countless dogs have committed suicide from the building too. Terribly sad and scary as…!

4. Six Feet Under (West Adams)

This show took horror to the next level by way of family issues, boring normalcy, and the scare of growing up. The T.V. funeral home attached to the house was much less scary than dealing with the characters’ real lives! You can visit Six Feet Under’s “Fisher & Sons Funeral Home” at 2302 West 25th Street.

5. Charmed (Angelino Heights)

Yes, you were glamoured. The house from Charmed is not located in San Francisco like the show had you believe. Instead The Innes House is sandwiched between the 101 Freeway and Dodger Stadium at 1329 Carroll Avenue. This neighborhood is unassuming from any busy streets and everyone who discovers it feels like they’re transported to another dimension; it is a street full of preserved Victorian manors from end to end. Bonus: 1345 Carroll Avenue was the house in Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Photo c/o Wikipedia

6. Ghoulies (Hollywood)

The Wattles Mansion located at 1824 N. Curson Avenue is actually a city park that you can rent for a photoshoot or party, and you can even get married there. Adjacent is the Wattles Garden Park which runs next to the popular trails of Runyon Canyon… just don’t mistakenly conjure up tiny demons there when jokingly casting a spell.

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie (Los Feliz)

Buffy wasn’t the first famous character to attend this school (Marshall High School at 3939 Tracy Street), but she was certainly the only one who could fight evil! (Well, if you don’t count that one scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street.) These are the school grounds in the original Buffy movie where she discovers that she was The Slayer. Here are just some other movies with kids who went to high school here: Rebel Without A Cause, Grease, Pretty in Pink, Zapped!, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Can’t Hardly Wait, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Grosse Point Blank… and those are just the movies. If you count TV shows, this post could get out of hand… just check out this post and this one too. Bonus: Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” video was also filmed here!

Photo c/o Ennis House

8. The House on Haunted Hill (Los Feliz)

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House is famous in its own right. Located at 2607 Glendower Avenue it is intricately decorated and famous for many parties over the years. With its design based on ancient Mayan temples and its iconic role as the house in 1959’s horror film The House on Haunted Hill, it takes on a new darker part in its fame. Bonus: Blade Runner was also filmed here.

9. The People Under the Stairs (West Adams)

I don’t remember much from this 1991 movie, except that this house was a funeral home in the film, there were people under the stairs and it was frightening! IRL, this house is known as the Thomas W. Phillips residence at 2215 S. Harvard Boulevard.

10. Mulholland Drive (Franklin Hills)

There’s actually tons of filming locations for this movie in the City of Los Angeles, but we’re only highlighting this fascinating location. (I mean you can find Pink’s Hot Dogs on your own, right?) In the movie, these cottages are called The Sierra Bonita apartments, not to be mistaken by the real Sierra Bonita apartments, but in actuality these apartments do not have a name at all. These cute cottages are at 2900 & 2904 Griffith Park Boulevard in Franklin Hills on the cusp of Silver Lake and Los Feliz. No spoilers on this David Lynch film, but once you see the movie these cottages will really stand out! Bonus: These cottages and their story are attached to the Disney animated classic, Snow White. This post claims that these cottages were inspiration for the animated film, but all the local lore I’ve heard states that these cottages were built for the animators of the film. Disney’s original lot was right next door where a Gelson’s Grocery stands today which is across from the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s and it’s spooky parking lot possessed by impatient people who lose all sense of driver’s etiquette upon entering. Debunk: Though Elliot Smith once was rumored to live here, this is not where he died.

11. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (Hancock Park)

This suspenseful classic continues to live on as one of Bette Davis’ and Joan Crawford’s best films. The actresses’ delicious depictions of bitter sibling rivalry served to perpetuate the negative vibes these women had toward one another. Stop by the home where it all went down, but pray you don’t see anyone menacingly peering at you from the window at 172 S. McCadden Place. Bonus: The next door neighbor’s house in the movie, is the next-door neighbor’s house on the street as well at 166 S. McCadden Place.

12. Donnie Darko (West Adams)

The high school from this film is actually an all-boys Catholic high school and it’s the oldest educational institution in the region. You can visit the facade, just do your best to avoid any portals into other dimensions and conversations with a strange being in a bunny costume. Bonus: There’s also the Rosedale Cemetery across the street, where you can take a tour.

Photo c/o Student Reader

13. Eraserhead, Dark Shadows (circa 1991), Flowers in the Attic, Ghostbusters II (Beverly Hills)

Much like Doheny Mansion (from #2 on our list) this property was also owned by oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny. The Greystone Mansion is so famous and its filming location list so long that I’m just going to mention more horror and horror-ish films below and tell you that it’s a public park you can visit during 10a to 5p PST daily except holidays and when there are private events. This amazing site is located at 905 Loma Vista Drive.

Also filmed here: X-Men, The Witches of Eastwick, Death Becomes Her and Dead Ringer (aka Who is Buried in my Grave?). Check out here and here for a list of more films and shows filmed here. Bonus: Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” video was also shot here!

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