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A Lisbon City Guide by Ana Fernandes

A Lisbon City Guide by Ana Fernandes


You should try to eat as much fish and seafood as possible during your trip. Sardines are my favorite Portuguese dish and then obviously the seafood… the barnacles, grilled shrimp, sapateira recheada (stuffed crab) and the ameijoas (clams) are all amazing!!! And the pastéis de nata (pastries) are also awesome. You can’t go to Lisbon without eating these.

Ramiro is a seafood place and it is a MUST. Eat the clams, sapateira recheada, gambas grelhadas and percebes (barnacle).

Pharmacia is nice place to sit outside and have a late afternoon cocktail and eat some tapas while staring at the beautiful Tagus river.

The area known as Bairro Alto is good for walking around at night. There are a billion people in the streets and everyone is outside drinking, dancing or just people watching. There is a traditional restaurant there called Sinal Vermelho. Eat outside and order the pork and clams dish… it’s insane!

There are also a ton of bars and several famous fado places in Bairro Alto. Fado music is a type of Portuguese music made famous by the singer Amalia Rodrigues and you can hear tons of Fado just walking around the area.

Go to Alfama and eat at Pateo 13. Best bbq fish/meat ever, plus it’s dirt cheap and you can sit outside! It’s super hidden in the Fado part of town so afterwards you can go see some music. (Patio 13 is actually near the Fado Museum.)

Take the tram from the center of Lisbon to Belem and eat at Pasteis de Belem. I can guarantee these will be the best custard cakes you will ever have in your life! Plus the factory has been there for around 400 years, no joke.



If you have the time, go to Guincho Beach, near the town of Cascais. I recommend you rent a car in Lisbon for the day and drive to Sintra early in the morning to visit Quinta de Regaleira, a Gothic palace and estate, then drive down towards Guincho and stop for a sunset dinner at any of the amazing restaurants by the sea. My favorite restaurant in Guincho is Monte Mar. Then you can drive back toward Lisbon through Cascais… It’s an insane drive along the coast.


For nightlife, go to LUX Fragil which stays open until about 7am.

For more underground concerts and parties, check out ZDB.

For after hours parties that start around 6am, go to Europe After Hours.

Also an amazing spot to go out is the old red light district, Cais do Sodre. There is an amazing place there called The Viking that has the most famous stripper in all of Portugal. I have literally seen her dance pregnant, and I took The Rapture and Nomi Ruiz there, and they had the time of their lives. It has a very 70s vibe and they only play 70s and 80s classics. It’s hard to explain, but it’s super underground, super fun and super Fellini-ish.

Ana Fernandes lives in NYC and is the creative director/talent buyer at the dance club Good Room in Brooklyn.

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