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Guide to Tulum with Pete Leonard

Guide to Tulum with Pete Leonard


Originally published May 2016

A short guide of where to chill, beach, eat and stay in Tulum.

(Starting from the top, below the ruins in Tulum.)

El Mirador - I was there a year ago, and it seemed to be in a bit of disrepair.  It’s up on a hill and the view is pretty rad. It’s an open air restaurant bar and a good place to eat and have a few beers. The beach below is huge and from here you can walk south to a bunch of other spots for food and beers.

Don Cafeto - Good spot for food.  I think there is also one in town. Cheap!

Mezzanine - This is where the DJs play. No beach, all coral and rough rocks. It’s alright.

Papaya Playa - Dope cheap spot. Really nice bar overlooking the ocean and a bunch of beach dogs that are always fun to watch.

Copal - This is the first place we stayed and we went back the following year. The cabanas are nice, but the water is always rough and cloudy with a lot of rocks that you can’t see,  so it was hard to just be lazy and enjoy the water. When we stayed here, we would either rent bikes or take the car to another spot to spend the day.

Luna Maya -  Great spot to have a mellow drink. It’s a little cove with lots of trees and plants and hammocks.

Zamas - Great spot to eat anything. Go there if you want a good brunch or dinner. There’s always live music which can be unbelievably entertaining regardless if it’s good or bad.

Le Zebra -  Great place to stay.  Super nice rooms.  Food was a little pricey and small plate style. The property is really cared for and nicely designed. There’s a bunch of platforms with beds you can lounge on and they have banging live salsa parties on Sunday nights.

Hippie squat next to La Zebra if you need to find weed or jewelry.

Dos Ceibas - Another place to stay. The rooms are big and nice, but the interior is kind of childish sponge paint style, but you’re never really in it anyway. No bar but they make drinks and the food is good. Great beach. Last year the spaces next to this were empty so we just used their chairs and beach.

From this point on the beaches get less and less occupied and it’s really relaxing. It starts to feel like you are in the jungle a bit. (Hint: check out Amanasala’s Casa Magna - it was Pablo Escobar’s vacation house. beautiful everything.)

The Riviera Maya & Tulum in Photos by Dirk Vogel

The Riviera Maya & Tulum in Photos by Dirk Vogel

Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, CA

Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, CA