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Star Eyes in Montreal, QC

Star Eyes in Montreal, QC


Originally published January 2011

Words by Vivian Host (aka Star Eyes)

A while back Jubilee and I went to play in Montréal and we stayed with our friend Hatchmatik, who is not only an awesome DJ/producer, but one of the funniest humans on the planet and the most awesome tour guide to authentic Quebecois culture. Here are some of the fun places he took us.

La Binerie

367 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est. Montreal, QC, H2T 1R1, Canada

“The Beanery” is a tiny, classic Quebecois lunch counter with homespun service. The specialty of the house is a massive breakfast plate with three kinds of meat, plus meat pate, buckwheat crepes, and these amazing baked beans that get their delicious flavor from swimming in some kind of bacon fat. If you go there around lunchtime, you might catch our DJ friend Hatch hungover and spilling his girl problems to the waitress. A classic, but not for the vegetarians.

Chez Serge

5301 St-Laurent, Montreal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada

Chez Serge on Facebook

Something that could probably only exist in Montreal, this hockey bar is a cross between Coyote Ugly, a nightclub, and a sports bar, with astroturf on the ceiling, clubby lighting, bartenders that dance on the bar, and a DJ who plays the most amped up music ever during hockey games. It’s also themed after some famous beer campaign (we don’t get it, it’s a Canadian thing), but then again we were lost in the beer, the flashing lights, and the best chicken wings in town. Go Habs go!

La Banquise

994 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, QC, H2J 2J3, Canada

We party fairly hard sometimes and the end of the night (and the morning after) can be a real shit show if we don’t have something to eat before we go to bed. French-Canadians invented something for this occasion called poutine, which is fries with gravy and cheese, and Jubilee insisted we go here and eat some. La Banquise offers poutine in a bunch of different varieties, like Mexican, turkey and peas (not recommended), and Elvis flavor. They even have a 100% vegetarian variety and some regular diner food in case you’re not feeling adventurous. Saved me from a hangover and the 4:30 a.m. diner vibes were pretty amusing as well.

Old Gold

256 Avenue Du Mont-Royal Est. Montreal, QC, H2T 1P5, Canada

This rad boutique stocks a super sweet collection of vintage clothes and well-picked new stuff that so comfy and cool it looks vintage. The real awesomeness though are the limited edition shoes (which the owner has handmade in Asia) and the one-of-a-kind jewelry, everything from necklaces with gilded birdcages or daggers to statement rings that look like apples or bunny rabbit ears, most of it in gold, of course. Also check their website for awesome DJ mixes.

Star Eyes is a DJ, producer, writer, former editor of XLR8R and founding member of the Trouble & Bass crew, not to mention one of our favorite ladies in NYC. She’s constantly touring and partying around the globe, so we are excited to have her contribute to Cliktrips. 

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