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The Riviera Maya & Tulum in Photos by Dirk Vogel

The Riviera Maya & Tulum in Photos by Dirk Vogel


Originally published May 2010 

Cancun International Airport is a busy place. These are drivers meeting their fare outside the terminal. The drive to Tulum is long, about 1:20h, so we recommend grabbing a drink from the Tiki bar outside the terminal, or asking the driver to stop at a quickie mart for refreshments (the drivers are real mellow about waiting while you run errands).

This is downtown Tulum, the main strip that has most of the bars, stores and restaurants.

We never went to El Coloso Discoteque, but the Shepard Fairey-like artwork is pretty killer.

Just to throw this out there: Before you go on shopping sprees, call your credit card company and tell them you will be in Mexico. Otherwise, they might put a block on your card.

We never had the heart to ask our driver about Pleasure Palace. But if this “adult oasis” is anywhere near as faded as these seat covers, that was probably for the best.

The big box supermarket on the main strip, called Super San Francisco, had the best deals in town.

Picture-perfect: This is the kind of view you get along Playa de Maya.

If the ocean gets too turbulent, there’s always the pool.

Birds. They’re everywhere, and wake you up with a concerto at first daylight. Thanks birds.

Beach sunset and a warm breeze. This was taken in early March, mind you.

The most epic dining table, ever.

The beautiful wall ornament at our beach house. Right-click and download to use as a desktop wallpaper.

Dressing up in all white is perfectly okay in these parts. You’re by the beach.

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