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Throne of Blood European Tour Posthumous Diary: Part I of III

Throne of Blood European Tour Posthumous Diary: Part I of III


Originally published January 2012 

Words by Andrew Potter of Populette (right)

Back at the end of May 2011, James Friedman, Max Pask and I went on an epic mini European tour to promote our label Throne of Blood. We had promised Cliktrips we would take photographs to document it for their site. 

Unfortunately, on my first night of tour, I somehow broke the camera in a booze and jet lagged fueled moment of confusion. Afterwards it would only take blurry photos. This is somewhat fitting, since like the photos, my memory of the experience is a bit foggy at points. I will try and rebuild our travels to the best of my ability.

Photo c/o 5500 on Flickr


Copenhagen is beautiful. I don’t think I was prepared for it. The architecture, people and atmosphere made it very easy to walk around all day despite not being able to sleep on the plane, even with the pills. I met up with James Friedman and we spent the afternoon wandering around with David from the headphone company AIAIAI. He was charming and took us out for a burger and showed us around their office. I was marveled at how everyone in the city had the same kind of classic black bicycle. I’m not usually a fan of conformity, but I thought it was considerate and kind of cute that everyone decided they wouldn’t fight the existing aesthetic of the city, and just agreed to get the same bike.

After a decent dinner at Atlas Bar (Where they recommended the questionably named “Paki Lamb”—it was OK), we stopped by a bar across the street called The Log Lady. I guess the scene with people our age in Copenhagen is a lot like NYC because everyone seemed to know each other, go the same places, and the atmosphere at the bar made me feel at home.

After that it was on to Simon’s, a club near the wharf—which looked picturesque with all its lamp lights and sailboats. Simon’s is owned by a dude named Simon, who like all the people we met in Copenhagen was tall, handsome and friendly. It was quite cold in Copenhagen, and Max had his favorite jacket stolen in Paris. Simon let him rummage through the club’s lost and found for another one (they were about to donate to charity). I think he found a close match. The club was pretty fun and underwent a strange transition from one scene to another over the duration of the night. When we arrived, it was a lot of squarely dressed old rich men with their young girlfriends and lots of bottle service. As the night progressed, there was a changing of the guard, and all the hip young people from the city flooded the club around 2am.

Stockholm and NMM Festival (Norrköping), Sweden:

After being picked up at the airport by one Johan (#1) and on route to meet another Johan (#2) — we were told every male born in the late 70s in Sweden is named Johan—we arrived in Stockholm proper.

We were only in Stockholm for several hours which we spent at Johan #2’s vintage synthesizer and music equipment store, Jam. Max and I spent a considerable amount of time drooling and peeing our pants over the gear in the store (especially the wide array of Buchla systems).

Afterwards we piled into our van and drove through the beautiful countryside between Stockholm and Norrköping.  Norrköping was like a mini Stockholm with lots of pretty buildings, canals and quiet alleys.

Soon it was time for the NMM festival. NMM is a small music, media and arts festival put on each year in Norrköping. Max and I had a great time playing and I loved hearing my label mates James and Remain & Mlle Caro deejay. All the people at the event were so kind and positive that I was really touched. It was a fun night that ended in the wee hours with Johan #2 and I wandering lost around the empty streets winding through the small city over canals and waterfalls trying to find our hotel.

Part II: Berlin, Stuttgart & Munich coming soon!

Throne of Blood European Tour Posthumous Diary: Part II of III

Throne of Blood European Tour Posthumous Diary: Part II of III

Rainbow Dreams in Santorini

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