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Trippin' with Gildas Loaec of Kitsune

Trippin' with Gildas Loaec of Kitsune


Originally published May 2011 

Welcome to our new series, “Trippin’” where we ask people simple travel-related questions and get back amazing answers. This week our featured guest is the Paris-based Gildas Loaec, co-owner and mastermind behind the Kitsune record label and clothing line.

Top 5 recommendations (eat, sleep, drink, clubs, things to do) in your city or a city you love


Rose Bakery -  Not only is this a bakery, but Rose and her team also make really nice meals and everything is organic, of course.

Hotel Amour - Depending on your budget, Hotel Amour is super cool and the rooms are nicely decorated. Otherwise, the Regina is super old school and not that many people are going there right now, so it’s super good to go.

Kitsuné Boutique - For shopping I would recommend Kitsuné Maison stores where you can find our beautiful clothing line, plus all of the Kitsuné music catalogue.

For drinks and a club, try Le Pompon, it looks like a little New York club, but French. It closes at 2, so afterwards you should go to Social Club which is more music fan orientated. You should also try Le Baron if you want to be less serious and drink with beautiful people.

Favorite hotel anywhere in the world (under $300 USD/night)

Recently, I went to the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, CA and it was good fun. It opened in 1922, and has stayed the same as ever since. It’s pool is cute, and the service is really kind. Obviously everybody staying there is over 65, but that has it’s charm too.

Favorite vacation (beach, mountain, non-city) destination

Thailand is super good. I was going to Bali before, but Thailand is definitely more beautiful and has super good food and great people. Biarritz in France is also cool and has great waves!

Kitsune is a record label, men and women’s clothing line and boutique based in Paris. Their new music compilation is called The Indie-Dance Issue and is out May 16th and features tracks from Creep, Is Tropical, Peter & the Magician and Housse de Racket.

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