Cliktrips likes the beach, palm trees, mountain hikes, desertscapes, forest walks, the jungle, tropical islands, swimming pools, lake swims, rocky seaside cliffs, sunsets, soundbaths, hot tubs, the occasional cold plunge, bicycle rides, road trips, spritzes of all kinds, lots of snacks and the colors pink and green. Cliktrips also enjoys late night techno parties, balearic rooftop hangs, weird weekenders, tropical sounds, trippy disco, and dancing ‘til dawn.


Trippin' with Oli Isaacs of This Is Music

Trippin' with Oli Isaacs of This Is Music


Originally Published May 2011

Welcome to our new series, “Trippin’” where we ask people simple travel-related questions and get back amazing answers. Today our featured guest is Oli Isaacs, owner of the management company and record label, This Is Music. Oli lives in London and manages Simian Mobile Disco, Little Boots, Blondes, Tensnake, and Annie Mac Presents among others.

Top 5 recommendations (eat, sleep, drink, clubs, things to do) in your city or a city you love


La Rochelle Canteen - Run by the purveyors of nose to tail eating from St John’s, this is a lunch time only canteen housed in La Rochelle School on Arnold Circus. The food is excellent, seasonal and good value. The decor is spartan and functional but creates an unfussy environment in which the amazing staff serve the excellent British cuisine. The host Alcides is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet in a restaurant! We have been doing our annual This Is Music Christmas party here for the last three years.

Russell’s of Clapton - I’ve not had the need to stay with Annette in her cute B&B, but my artists have and they’ve loved it. Good, cheap bed and breakfast in one of the up and coming (used to be a lot grimier) neighborhoods. (Editor’s note: Read our previous post on Russell’s of Clapton.)

Rules - Located in Covent Garden, Rules is the quintessential London cocktail bar, forget the posh hotels. Brian, the head bar man is a legendary mixologist and he’s been making drinks longer than that word has existed. A close runner up is Off Broadway on Broadway Market, and they get an honorable mention for introducing me to the Old Fashioned which is now my favorite cocktail. They do it with a tasty Sazerac rye. FYI.

Slowpoke - Not so much a club as a party that moves around, Jaime Ritchie, formerly of the T Bar has been putting on cutting edge events for over 10 years now. After making her name with T Bar, she now hosts, programmes and promotes Slowpokeas well as heading up a live events agency of the same name. Bespoke venues, some of which are more legal than others, are a musical playground for late night parties with DJ sets from the likes of Mark E, Trickski, Andrew Weatherall and Tiger & Woods. The only rule: music must be slower than 120bpm.

Borough Market - This is a food market on Fridays and Saturdays at London Bridge with very tasty food from gourmet falafel to pot pies and pig roasts. There’s pretty much everything here. I like to go for oysters from Hawards of Colchester amongst other delights.

Favorite hotel anywhere in the world (under $300 USD/night)

I have to say the Standard Spa in Miami. I love the look and feel of the hotel. The spa is one of the best I’ve been to (the best spa is at the Ibiza Gran Hotel). Its a great place to chill and be healthy.  The food is great, its super comfortable and well located off the hustle and bustle of South Beach. The views are stunning too and of course it’s an equally good place to be unhealthy, with a great hot tub for late night parties.

Favorite vacation (beach, mountain, non-city) destination

Big Sur California for the hiking, the views, the scenery and nature. Its one of the only places that makes me believe there might be a god. I love to hike real high and then run down the hill.

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