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Trippin' with Poolside

Trippin' with Poolside


Originally published July 2011

Welcome to our new series, “Trippin’” where we ask people simple travel-related questions and get back amazing answers. Today’s guests are Filip (left) and Jeffery (right) of Poolside, a relatively new, laid back disco duo from Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

Their recording studio is set up in a pool house in LA which makes sense when you hear the chill, uplifting melodies on their latest track “Do You Believe?” (Video below.) They’ve also got a series of mix tapes floating around on their Soundcloud and they just did a groovy edit of Sade’s “When Am I Going To Make It?” Positive vibes man!

Top 5 recommendations (eat, sleep, drink, clubs, things to do) in your city or a city you love

Filip/L.A. :

Eat: Tacos Arizas - Every time I return to L.A. from traveling, I crave my local taco truck at Sunset and Logan.

Sleep: El Tres - This is a really cool hotel that only has three rooms (hence the name). It’s really cheap compared to how nice it is, and I love that every room has a turntable and a good selection of vinyl (if you find a great record, you can even buy it).

Drink:  Las Perlas (pictured) - This is a fairly new tequila & mezcal bar in downtown L.A. They have an amazing selection of premium tequila and mezcal. Jeff and I are obsessed with both so this is the perfect spot for us. Their mixed drinks are amazing too, and they are all made with fresh berries, herbs, fruit, agave etc.

Clubs: My favorite clubs are “Dance Right” at La Cita, “The Do Over” at El Cid (daytime), and “Rhonda” at El Cid (nighttime).

Jeffrey/San Francisco:

Eat: Sebo - Best sushi in the USA by far. Do your best to sit at the counter, and don’t expect California rolls or any American sushi.  And  La Ciccia is an amazing, family run, Sardinian restaurant. They have things like shaved tuna heart pasta, and it is mind-blowingly good.

Sleep: Cavallo Point (pictured) is located in the Marin Headlands, with amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge right outside your hotel window. This 4 star hotel was converted from army barracks. The restaurant is hit or miss, and the service at the restaurant is horrible, but the rooms and the views are amazing.

Drink: 15 Romolo is my favorite drinking spot for cocktails, just don’t go on the weekends. And Terroir is my favorite wine spot.

Clubs: Honey Soundsystem on Sunday night is fun, Tubesteak Connection on Thursdays, Donuts is a fun roving party, and of course BLOW UP if you’re looking to get wild.

Favorite hotel anywhere in the world (preferably under $300 USD/night)

Jeffrey: Myogaksa Buddist Temple on Mt. Naksan in Seoul, South Korea. You can chill with monks for 2 nights and get 5 meals all for $60. It’s amazing.

Favorite vacation (beach, mountain, non-city) destination

Filip: When I was a little boy, my family would go to the Croatian coast every summer for a month or two, and ever since it’s been one of my favorite places to return. At the moment, I’m trying to find the time go there and rent a boat and sail around Adriatic Sea.

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