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Trippin' with The Hundred in the Hands

Trippin' with The Hundred in the Hands


Originally published May 2011

Welcome to our new series, “Trippin’” where we ask people simple travel-related questions and get back amazing answers. Today our featured guest is Jason Friedman from the Brooklyn-based band The Hundred in the Hands. 

Their self-titled debut album is out now on Warp Records and stretches from cosmic pop to disco to dance and electronic. They also do a very cool online web ‘zine full of art and music news and interviews with friends and fellow artists. Check it out at

Top 5 recommendations (eat, sleep, drink, clubs, things to do) in your city or a city you love


1.  The High Line - The High Line is a park on the West side of Manhattan. It’s an old elevated train line that once brought cattle into the city to deposit them at the slaughter houses in the old meat packing district centered on 14th Street. It’s now been converted into a park which is amazing. It twists through the buildings and gives you a totally unique view with wild flowers and bushes indigenous to the region. There’s this great mirroring of wild organic and industrial growth winding through the city. It’s best to start uptown and walk downtown because the view gets better and better in that direction, and since it’s in Chelsea, you can stop off and look at the galleries.

2. Galleries in Chelsea - There’s not really another city that has so much groundbreaking art in such abundance in such a small area. You can literally go from shop to shop. My favorites are on 24th Street and include the Andrea Rosen and Gagosian galleries.

3. Cheeseburger at Diner in Willamsburg - This is my favorite hamburger in NYC. The restaurant is in an old railroad car. This style was popular in the 30’s and serviced the local factories with cheap food. Now it’s upscale American. Diner gets their meat in the form of half a cow every week from an upstate farm. Butchering is done at their own butcher shop just up the street, and the burger is killer. The neighborhood is rad too. It’s the only “scenic” bit of the area with views of the Williamsburg Bridge that you will recognize from many, many movies.

4. Academy Records Annex - This store is also in Williamsburg, and it’s filled with many, many hard to find vinyl records. It’s curated with a sensibility very much akin to the styles of music the neighborhood itself is famous for with hard to find psych, garage, dub, and disco records. You will get lost in these stacks, but if you’re looking for new music then I would go to Other Music.

5. Other Music - There used to be a very mainstream Tower Records (where I used to work) across the street, and so when it opened, OM was very much the “Other.” It has survived where Tower hasn’t because of it’s very boutique style and a good selection of the latest in new indie, experimental and electronic music. New NYC bands often get there start here consigning their homemade CD’s and vinyl. It’s great for browsing too because they have detailed descriptions on a lot of the new releases. They also do a great weekly newsletter which you can sign up for on their site.

Favorite hotel anywhere in the world (under $300 USD/night)

Last year I really enjoyed staying at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin. It’s very art and music friendly with loft style rooms, and a very good restaurant that did a great breakfast.

Favorite vacation (beach, mountain, non-city) destination

I don’t really vacation very much, but at the end of last year we got a few days off in Portugal and we stayed in the town of Sintra which was amazing! Incredibly narrow streets, winding through beautiful hills of lush green forest. The town is a world heritage site and has three castles the oldest of which was built in the 8th century by Moors and the newest of which is apparently the best example of Portuguese Romanticism. Truth be told, we only made it to the Moorish castle, but that was awesome and very Indiana Jones with it’s crumbling brick walls. The whole trip was really unexpected for us since we didn’t really plan to go there but it turned out to be really incredible.

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