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What to do in Belgrade with Jen Zipf of glitterballnyc

What to do in Belgrade with Jen Zipf of glitterballnyc

Where to eat, drink and visit in Belgrade, Serbia


Lorenzo & Kakalamba

Looking some diversion with your dinner? This charmingly cheeky restaurant is one of a kind, somehow straddling the line between tasteful and ridiculously quirky. Unique decorative elements are scattered literally everywhere you look: seats covered in plush beanie babies, Santa reading a book in a men’s room stall, and a life-size Jessica Rabbit statue to greet you, to name a few. (Oh, and the Italian-Serbian cuisine is pretty delicious too.)

Cvijiceva 110, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Bistro Trandafilovic

Kafanas are traditional, relaxed Serbian eateries – no visit to Belgrade would be complete without stepping foot into one. Try this non-touristy, wallet-friendly bistro, recommended for its live music, outdoor patio seating, candle-lit cozy interior, and super service. Sample traditional Serbian menu items, including spicy urnebes and flavorful ayvar (red pepper) spreads, kupus salata (light, fresh cabbage salad), ćevapčići (grilled minced meat in sausage shape), and grilled calamari (lignje na žaru).

Mutapova 41, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Pizzeria TRG

In a city that loves to party until the sun comes up, “nonstop” (as they say there in lieu of “24/7”) food options are essential. Select from the famous pekaras (bakeries), where you’ll find some hangover prevention in the form of hearty and tasty phyllo pastries like gibanica cheese pies and spinach-and-cheese bureks, grills serving pljeskavica (ground meat patties), and combination pizza/crepe joints, like the popular go-to Pizzeria TRG.

5 Makedonska, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia



Old punk show flyers on the walls, cozy-dungeon vibes, numerous discoballs, inexpensive drinks, and a retro-indie music playlist make this one of our favorite hangouts in Belgrade. Order the kettle corn and a few rakijas (Serbia’s national drink, a strong fruit brandy) like the regulars.

Dalmatinska 13, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


This popular basement bar is perfect for meeting up with friends over drinks. (We also hear the outdoor patio is a compelling reason to visit during nice weather.) Of note: Regulars know the proper way to enter is via a chute outside on the sidewalk level (indicated only by “Rabbits” with an arrow).

Stevana Sremca 5, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Cafe Clinique du Parc

Café culture is a way of life in Belgrade: You’ll find outdoor cafes packed all day, every day of the week. Strong Turkish coffee is the most traditional choice (usually accompanied by Turkish Delight), but you’ll also find the more familiar espresso, cappuccino, latte, frappé, and even Nescafé as options. Cafe Clinique offers a nice view of the Saint Sava Cathedral (see below).

Krušedolska 3, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Kalemegdan Park/Belgrade Fortress

Located where the Danube and Sava Rivers join, this must-see complex comprises the Belgrade Fortress (built in phases between the 2nd and 18th centuries) and surrounding park. In addition to a wealth of history and stellar views, you’ll find outdoor cafes to grab a drink, locals enjoying warm days, and even the occasional music festival.

Terazije 3 / V, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Saint Sava Cathedral

Saint Sava is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, as well as one of the 10 largest church buildings worldwide. Although extensive renovations to its interior continue, the building and its sister chapel are breathtakingly gorgeous any time of day.

Svetosavski Square, Karadjordje’s Park, Vračar, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Ada Ciganlija

A short drive from the city center, this attractive river island (called “Ada” for short) sees more than 10,000 visitors daily in the summer months. Locals love coming here for its beach, its recreational facilities (tennis courts, bike paths, kayaking, and much more), over 70 restaurants and bars, and, of course, the superb people watching. Stop by Sunset ( for some casual yet excellent traditional Serbian food and drinks.

Ada Ciganlija 2, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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