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Where to Eat & Drink in Paris with Jacky Tran and Rem Koolhaus

Where to Eat & Drink in Paris with Jacky Tran and Rem Koolhaus


Originally published January 2012 

Photo c/o Guardian UK

Jacky Tran lives in New York City, but spends a large chunk of her time cruising around the world making friends and eating great food. She’s passionate about travel and is the type of person that makes it look easy to score last minute tickets to South Africa for the World Cup.

Last Fall, Jacky and Rem Koolhaus, one of the DJs and promoters behind the Turrbotax party in Brooklyn, spent a few days in Paris with friends and here, Jacky shares their favorite spots to eat and drink with us.

Point Ephemere

200 Quai de Valmy 75010 Paris

Metro Station: Jaurès? (Line 2, 5, 7bis)

Point Ephemere is a prominent café, bar, gallery & music venue along the Canal St-Martin. They have a solid brunch and a great rotation of DJs and bands.


12, avenue Richerand 75010 Paris

Metro Station: Goncourt (Line 11)

3-course Dinner: 25 euro prix fixe menu

The restaurant’s name is the cutesy version of owner monsieur Damas’ first name, Philippe–very fitting, considering the fact that he left the highly lauded Le Square Trousseau to start this charming, informal little establishment. It’s among the welcome wave of high-quality bistros  (“gastro-bistros”, if you will) taking over the Paris dining scene. Some of its qualities you may recognize from a similar movement in New York: the market-based menu changes daily and is affordable–€25 gets you three courses (well, some dishes incur surcharges–but they’re still a great deal) with humbly priced wines to match. However, unlike in New York, Paris’ gastro-bistros take reservations. See foodies, you don’t have to wait in a breadline just to have a high-quality, affordable meal!

Photo c/o I Heart Paris

Breizh Cafe

109 Rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris

Metro Station: Saint-Sébastien - Froissart? (Line 8)

Crepes come from Brittany, France’s Celtic region in the northwest. Any Parisian with Breton roots will tell you that Breizh (the Breton word for “Breton”) Cafe is the best place for their hometown specialty. They might also inform you that a savory crepe is traditionally made of buckwheat flour and is also known as a “galette de blé noir.” Whether it’s savory galettes or sweet crepes, Breizh whips up a batter that griddles out thin and crisp, with a selection of top-notch and tasty fillings. Be sure to wash it down with a bowl of hard cider from the region.

Pain Vin Fromages

3, rue Geoffroy-l'Angevin 75004 Paris

Metro Station: Rambuteau (line 11)

This is my favorite cheese restaurant. The menus have English translations, but it still has a local vibe and excellent food. They have amazing fondues, and it was where I discovered one of my favorite goat cheeses–Rocamadour. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I made up the mantra “Rocamadour, it a-rocka my world” and kept on repeating it after my first taste.

Photo c/o

La Perle

78, rue Vieille-du-Temple 75003 Paris

Metro Station: Saint-Sébastien - Froissart? (Line 8)

The world may now know it as the location where a camera phone recorded John Galliano’s infamous rant - but it was, and still is, where members of Paris’ various glamour industries go for a relaxed drink. It’s a nice place to chill when the only fashion-conscious people you have to be around are tourists looking to impress the regulars.

Les 4 Frères

(Original location) 127 boulevard menilmontant 75011 Paris

Metro Station: Menilmontant (line 2)

(Second location) 37 boulevard de la Villette

Metro Station: Belleville (line 2)

Awesome, no-frills couscous joint that is popular among the Moroccans of the area. Be sure to also order the “brique au thon” - tuna filling baked inside a crisp pastry. The original location is grimier and always packed, and the second location is cleaner and less packed, but just as good.

Photo c/o I Heart Paris

Le Chateaubriand

129 avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris

Metro Station: Goncourt (Line 11)

5-course prix fixe only dinner: €55 Euros

There isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said about self-taught Inaki Aizpitarte’s restaurant. It’s currently ranked #9 in the world and #1 in France on the respected World’s 50 Best Restaurants list  – and with good reason. The dishes are not only inventive but well-executed. You don’t need to be an expert to take a bite and taste the difference between good and beyond excellent. Considering it’s half the price and zero the formality of other restaurants of its caliber, it’s a win for connoisseurs and novices, alike.

Kim Laidlaw, of I Heart Paris, shared in our stellar dining experience and wrote about it on her blog.

Ulysse en Gaule Crêperie

28 Rue Cler Paris 75007

Metro: Ecole Militaire (line 8)

It’s a little deli/cafe specializing in Greek dishes. The big draw though is their crepe stand out front. I crave these as much as I crave the crepes at Breizh cafe - even though they’re very different. Like all stands in Paris, they use the same crepe batter for savory and sweet crepes - however, the ones here are the crispest and most balanced in savory and sweet flavor than any other in town. Get the “l’especiale,” which has feta, emmenthal, tomato, bell pepper, egg and mushroom. It’s unconventional and very awesome–last time I went they said they don’t offer it for takeout, but I made sad puppy-dog eyes (I totally meant it!) and they made it anyway.

Photo c/o Andrea Schaffer

L'As du Fallafel

34 rue des Rosiers 75004 Paris

Metro Station: Saint-Paul (Line 1)

This is my favorite falafel in Paris. As an aside, they have pictures of Lenny Kravitz eating here throughout all his stages of hairdos. According to the placard on the wall, it’s his favorite falafel restaurant in the world.

Gérard Mulot

My favorite traditional macaroons—and in my opinion, they’re better than the ones from the famed Ladurée. (Various locations).

Sadaharu Aoki

The Japanese do French pastries so flippin’ well. This place makes my favorite crazy-flavor macaroons (like black sesame!!!). (Various locations)

Photo c/o Hotel du Nord

Hotel du Nord

102 Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris

Metro Station: Jacques Bonsergent

Hotel du Nord is a big hit among everyone I’ve taken there. Be sure to get the tuna tartare and the cotton candy dessert. Best of all, the waiters have a habit of giving fun diners free champagne!

Aux Bons Crus

7 Rue des Petits Champs 75001 Paris

Metro Station: Pyramides (line 7, 14) Bourse (line 3)

A great, down-to-earth wine bar and restaurant. I’m a big fan of their veal marrow.

Photo c/o Maceo


15 Rue des Petits Champs

Metro Station: Pyramides (line 7, 14) Bourse (line 3)

The seasonal dishes are as memorable as the regal interior–and set at affordable prices. A great place to go if you want to dine in an aristocratic setting without the snobbery–plus, their pluralism extends to vegetarians, who’ll appreciate the fact that the restaurant always offers a vegetarian menu as well. Fun fact: the place is named after Maceo Parker.

Le Tambour

41, Rue Montmartre 75022 Paris

Metro Station: Etienne Marcel

My go-to 24-hour spot. The dudes have awesome mustaches (and have been working them way before it was cool).

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